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Autism is a development disorder that affects the functioning of the brain. Individuals with autism spectrum disorders are identified as having difficulty with social interaction, communication skills, and as having small range of interests. Today, prevalence of autism is 1 in every 68 children with a male to female ratio of 4:1.


India Autism Center

One-of-a-kind inclusive community grounded on neurodiversity, India Autism Center (IAC) is a multidisciplinary non-profit organization for individuals with autism spectrum disorder and other related conditions. Designed by Practice Design Pvt. Ltd., the campus is currently under construction at Sirakole, West Bengal. The project is envisioned to create an inclusive community - with provision of residential, educational, vocational, clinical and recreational services as well as employment avenues. The design follows best practices, takes clues from possible benchmarks while providing opportunities to each member to realize their full potential in a safe environment and helping the community include sensitive and trained professionals, staff members, and the families.

Aim | Expression of Gratitude?

An invitation to design the expression of gratitude towards people who have hand held the journey together for IAC. The aim is to reflect their rich seam of empathy and contribution – the way the campus has so far become nuanced and focused to remain creative with a conscious development of ethos and inclusiveness. Gratitude celebrates their response. Therefore, in recognition, the intention is to have a design that is both elegant and distinct on a plot of 1160.SQM. illustrating and addressing the above.

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25th Mar 2023

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25th Mar 2023

7th Apr 2023

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