Our History


  • A Team of Two:

    The Somani family discovered that more than two million individuals in India were on the autism spectrum and there was a dearth of resources to support them. Using their personal experience of raising a child on the spectrum, they started out on their dream to fill this need and bring about significant change.
  • Two individuals to Two million:

    The Somani family found out that more than two million individuals across the country were on the spectrum and had little to no resources for their development.
  • Two therapy rooms:

    They learnt about the revolutionary effects of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapies and built what is now the AmritSomani Memorial Center (ASMC). They did not compromise on providing one-on-one care, leading ASMC to grow from 4 children to 40 individuals, and from 2 rooms to a 4-storey facility with 40 trained therapists.
  • From Two+Two to inspiring two times two thousand:

    Even with this huge asset to the resources available in Kolkata, they continued on. They curated a team of highly trained professionals to design the blueprint of the India Autism Center (IAC), which would be a global, inclusive and neuro-diverse community, aiming to serve a couple thousand individuals on the spectrum. With services on the IAC campus, and more through outreach services, ensuring support to individuals to enjoy a self-sufficient and an independent life would be better realised.
  • ASMC TURNS 10:

    In 2020, ASMC completed a decade in providing interventions to children and adults on the spectrum. With the amount of success and progress that the day-care school has achieved, the next step is to open a Vocational School in Kolkata, which will primarily focus on the needs of adults on the spectrum.
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