Our Services

Well-considered and supportive environments for children and adults with diverse needs, choices and learning styles.

These spaces will provide:

  • Various options for education, vocational and professional courses, life skills, and non-academic activities.
  • Opportunities for socialisation and leisure with peers, and programs for peer support .
  • Experiential and practical learning in real life situations.
  • Differing levels of support in large and small groups, and one-to-one settings.
  • Multi-disciplinary collaborations, and multimodal teaching and support.
  • Environments that are safe and comfortable for each individual need.

Child Learning Hub

Inclusive School and Learning Support

With provisions for an inclusive school offering board level education, pre-vocation, life skills, functional academics, extracurricular and recreation activities, the CLH will support and ready children for continuing on to adult learning and living opportunities

Adult Learning Hub

Training College and Vocational Activities

With provisions for a college, professional training, academic courses, continuing education, vocational, work and life skills, and extracurricular programs, will be available at the ALH to support adults in academic, vocational and employment opportunities. All those who choose to work at the IAC will undergo some training at the college as well.

Long- and short-term courses and training formats will be available in the areas of autism spectrum disorder, education, psychology, information technology, design, music, arts and crafts, woodwork, textiles, tailoring, weaving, pottery, gardening, animal care, salon, retail, hospitality and F&B.


The IAC residence will house families of all types and sizes. Whether one chooses to move in alone or with others, the IAC will be a home with extended family support. Comfort, safety, individual choice, life skills, leisure and recreation will be built into all spaces and programs.

Long stay (1 year to lifetime) and short stay (6 months or less) options will be made available.

Clinical Services

The IAC clinical and therapy services (speech and language, occupational therapy, etc.) will be mostly provided within all other programs, to ensure that therapeutic support is not just provided separate to other life activities

To extend its reach to the larger community, these services will be made available separately to the public for ASD and related conditions, through the IAC outreach services initiative.



Every space and program at the IAC will require personnel with diverse abilities and working styles. Each area of the IAC campus will be considered a possible place for employment for all, with provisions to ensure each individual has access to support for effective functioning.

Arts and Activity Centers

Housing the dance, theatre, music, art, craft and pottery, physical activity spaces, these Centers will be available to all children and adult members of the learning hubs, as well as residents at the IAC. Programs will be planned to accommodate all levels of interest from pursuing activities in-depth, to dabbling in it for leisure.

Activity Center & Sports

Large outdoor spaces and the Activity Center will be available for all physical activities, including the swimming pools, gym and fitness studios, cycling tracks, and more. These can be accessed by all children and adult members of the learning hubs, as well as residents at the IAC.

Outreach & Advocacy

The IAC will not work in isolation. The outreach services initiative will be planned to exchange information, collaborate and ensure mutual support with the larger community outside of its campus such as-

  • Sharing of clinical and intervention services in the region
  • Spreading awareness in schools and colleges locally through events/workshops
  • Coordinating and supporting autism research in collaboration with local and global partners
  • Spreading awareness across the country and more widely through annual conferences and regular webinars

Advocacy initiatives for neurodiversity in the Indian context have moved forward steadily over the years. The IAC will be committed to supporting ongoing initiatives, and creating new opportunities in this critical area.

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