Our Research

  • The majority of research in autism and related neurodevelopmental disorders is conducted in European and American settings, often limiting its relevance and applicability to an Indian context.
  • Our aim is to address this gap in knowledge, while ensuring multidisciplinary support to the members of IAC.
  • Our research will develop the evidence basefor different ways of supporting learning and living . This is likely to foster a better understanding of autism and its needs to fine-tune all programs to suit the Indian settings.
  • The close integration of research with clinical practice and healthy living at the center will be made possible by the state of the art techniques in measuring brain, behavior, health and well being of all children and adults with and without a clinical diagnosis.


Study Name Mapping the landscape of priorities for the Indian autism community.
Aim To understand the priorities of the Autism Community and help shape IAC’s vision.
Type Short survey that needs to be completed once.
Participants Individuals on the spectrum OR a parent/ guardian for a person diagnosed with ASD.
Link to study https://tinyurl.com/IACLandscapeSurvey-english
Link to study in Bengali https://tinyurl.com/IACLandscapeSurvey-bengali
Link to study in Hindi https://tinyurl.com/IACLandscapeSurvey-hindi