Our Team

The team working towards building IAC comprises a vibrant network of special educators, program leaders, scientific researchers, individuals on the spectrum and their parents, working integratively to build an inclusive community.


    Managing Trustee
    Suresh Somani is the founder and Managing Trustee of India Autism Center. He co-owns and runs a proprietary Investments firm by the name of Ratnabali Investments Pvt Ltd. He strongly upholds and promotes value-centric business practices and believes that wealth must be used for the greater good. His son Kalpesh, a young man with special needs, is the inspiration behind India Autism Center. This philanthropic pursuit is one amongst many that he has undertaken but it is the most special amongst each of these labours of love.

    A Chartered Accountant by qualification and a lecturer by choice, Jaishankar’s expertise ranges from Corporate Finance to Vedantic Philosophy. He has over three decades of experience in General Management and Corporate finance having worked with conglomerates and other large corporations in the manufacturing, education, contracting and the property development sectors. Jaishankar has also been a volunteer at two eminent not for profit organizations for the last 20 years. He is fond of tea and reading philosophy.
  • Rakesh Pandiya

    Rakesh Pandya is the CFO of India Autism Center. He has nearly thirty years of experience in Accounting ,Budgeting, Finance, Forex management, MIS, Audit, Law, Merger and Banking. His juniors look up to him for his affability and sincerity. He loves sports and sweets.

    Nishant Shah's dynamic experience ranges from Manufacturing, Insurance, Financial services, Technology Implementation to Project Finance. His palpable passion, commitment, and boundless ambition make his management of India Autism Center, a success. A proponent of cutting-edge technologies, he never flounders to ensure sustainable progress in every aspect of the project. He has a special place amongst his colleagues for his managerial excellence and contagious energy. When not at work, you will find him playing badminton - a hobby turned passion!

    Professor of Neuroscience and Mental Health, and Research Director of the Center for Autism at the School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences, University of Reading - are only a few accolades that precede Professor Chakrabarti’s name. As an honorary Senior Researcher at the University of Cambridge where he conducted his doctoral and postdoctoral research, Dr. Bhismadev will be spearheading the research conducted at IAC.

    Parmeet Soni is amongst the best known clinical psychologists in the city with over a decade of experience in counseling and clinical research. She is affiliated with the Mental Health Foundation where she is both a practitioner and the coordinator of the Internship program. She conducts assessments and therapy on both adolescents and young adults. Her research has been published in several prominent publications. When not at work, which is rare for her, she can be found spending time with her family.

    Prithwis Kumar Banerjee is a passionate architect investing his time and energy in making complex plans into simple architectures, combining ideas from different disciplines. With 3 decades of experience in this field, he has spearheaded many private and government projects in & and outside Kolkata including Forum Courtyard Mall, Lake Mall, Technopolis, to name a few. His passion for social causes and autism has tied him with IAC. His sunny disposition and vibrant energy coupled with strong work ethic brings out the best from his team members too.
  • Raunak Agarwal

    General Manager- Accounts
    In addition to being a Chartered Accountant, Raunak Agarwal also holds a Bachelor's Degree in Law and a diploma in Information Systems Audit. He has over a decade of experience in Accounts, Finance, Taxation, Mergers & Acquisitions, Auditing, Company Law, and Banking. He enjoys traveling and engaging in community service activities.

    Sincere, friendly, curious and ambitious, Sakhi is the driving force behind every complete picture, segment and masterpiece at the IAC. An outshining and resourceful coordinator, she enjoys meaningful conversations and purposeful work, as little as she enjoys giving pointers for her third party bio.

    Curator and Manager at IAC, Sreerupa is a Sociology post-graduate from Jadavpur University. From writing research and policies to capacity building and architecture planning, she lets her inner Monica unveil at work. Her meticulous organization skills and attention to detail have led her to wear multiple hats. When she isn't at her desk you will find her travelling to the mountains or devouring cuisines from around the world.

    Ipsita is a post-graduate in Psychology from the Banaras Hindu University. Immensely passionate about Research, Ipsita brings her wisdom quietude to configuring the future of research at IAC. When not at work, she can be found reading Freud, James, and all the stalwarts from psychology and philosophy. She is always open to intriguing discussions ranging from literature to sports.
  • Amit Chakraborty

    Senior Manager, Projects
    Amit is a veteran at handling large scale projects with aplomb, having over 19 years of experience in construction and civil engineering. He also has a keen eye for investments and enjoys reading in his free time.
  • Barnali Sardar

    Senior Engineer, Projects
    Barnali Sardar is a civil engineer with nearly fifteen years of experience in managing large scale Real estate projects. She coordinates and oversees all Architecture and construction related activities and ensures that all plans seamlessly transform into buildings and landscapes. She enjoys cooking, spending time with her family, and donning colourful sarees whenever a festive occasion arises.
  • Rajib Ghosh

    Senior Engineer, Projects
    Rajib has worked in several recognized companies in the real estate industry. He excels at executing tasks in a timely fashion. When not at work, he enjoys watching and playing football.
  • Mukut Mukherjee

    Manager, Projects
    Mukut Mukherjee brings his unrelenting dedication and scientific thinking style to every project he undertakes. He wears many hats in the architecture team from handling communications to procurement. He has watched every anime in existence and avidly reads mythology and science fiction.


    With eleven years of working as a Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Specialist in the UK, Dr. Ram returned to Kolkata to serve as the Senior Consultant Psychiatrist at Apollo Gleneagles Hospital in Kolkata. As the current co-founder of Mental Health Foundation, Dr. Ram continues to devote his life towards enabling and liberating troubled minds.



    A writer and a peace movement organiser, Jo Chopra McGowan is an American but has been living in India since 1981. Parent to three, of whom one has special needs, Jo is personally invested in supporting mental health upliftment in children. In addition to being a columnist for digital newsmagazine The Wire and the Commonweal Magazine, Jo has authored five books and hundreds of articles for Indian and international newspapers and journals. She is also a co-founder of the Latika Roy Foundation – a voluntary organization for children with special needs in India.



    Merry Barua began her journey championing Autism rights, and her activism has fittingly enough led her to reforming national policy. In addition to raising awareness and successfully convincing the Indian government to include Autism in the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, her organization ‘Action for Autism’ builds systemic support and understanding for the children affected, their parents and educators.


    Educational Services

    Aparna Das is the founder of Project Arunima, one of the best known residential care facilities in India. Having completed her undergraduate studies in Psychology at the prestigious Lady Sriram College for women, Aparna went on to pursue a degree in Specialist Education from AADI Delhi, and then joined the organization as a staff member. Aparna has received the Winterline Award for Excellence in Education and has also helped set up Woodstock’s Learning Disabilities Program.

  • Roshandeep Bagga

    Clinical Services

    Dr. Roshandeep Bagga is an expert in pediatric occupational therapy with over fifteen years of experience. He is a graduate of the Santosh Medical College and has also pursued a Masters in Occupational therapy. He has lectured both nationally and internationally and has also spearheaded government projects. His approachable personality and sunny disposition make him an ideal fit for his work.



    Mohan Rao is an Environmental Design & Landscape Architecture professional. His research and design programs have taken him to China, France, Italy, Morocco, and Libya, where he has chaired several international and national conferences on biodiversity and ecosystem services, climate change and passive design; low impact development & city planning. In addition to being published in the notable “1000 Landscape Architects,” Mr. Rao is the only Indian to have felicitated the 2010 International Federation of Landscape Architects’ President’s Award for the Asia Pacific Region in IFLA’s 62-year history.



    A Neuro Psychiatry Consultant from West Bengal, Ranjan is also a designated Assistant Professor for the Government of West Bengal. He has a decade worth of experience in this field, and continues to consult those who stop by at his clinics in Remedy Polyclinic (Kolkata), Ranibagan Medical Center (Berhampore), Sonoscan Clinic (Malda), Chikitsa Clinic (Baruipur), and Doctor’s Clinic (Bagbazar, Hooghly).



    Sandip Agarwal is the Founder and Director of Practice Designs. He is responsible for strategic focus and overall business operations of the firm. He manages the firm’s growth, development and sets out Practice’s business objectives for performance across locations, professions and sectors.



    Dr. Chattarji is a Professor at the National Center for Biological Studies, Bangalore, India. His expertise lies in the research areas of neural mechanisms of stress, neurodegenerative and autism spectrum disorders; synaptic plasticity in the hippocampus and amygdala. He is having a large number of publications in various international journals and awards to his credit.

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